Farmers' protests 2020 - Astro analysis

What is the future of farmers' protests?

 Disclaimer: This is an astrological study that is done in an academic interest to show the application of astrology in routine and mundane affairs. The findings are indicative. This website and the writer do not claim it to be prediction of the political trends on the issue.

 Farmers' protests are getting intense. On 9 Dec 2020, the farmers rejected the written proposal by the government of India.

There are many aspects which are under discussion about the protest.

The major points which we want to know;

What is the future of the farmers' protests?

Will the agitation be called off?

Will there be an amicable outcome?


The astrological analysis is done to know the probable outcome of these questions.

Question astrology (KP horary astrology) is applied to study this issue.

Here, I am mentioning the outcome of the study. For the readers who are interested in the technical aspects of this study, the brief details are given in this article.

 The outcome:

The farmers will pose strength. The attempts made by the government for dialogue will not bring any results though communication will happen between the two parties (Farmers and Government).

Things will only happen under the boundaries of rules and regulations.

The government will take the stance on the agriculture law to protect it's legal sanctity.

Future of the protest:

As per the question astrology chart, the prospects of further consideration from both the parties (Farmers and Government) will resume after 15 Dec 2020.

The resolution may be found between 15 Dec 2020 to 30 Dec 2020.

The proposals already made by the government seem to be unchanged. Government may use some legal remedy for the resolution which can be one-sided.


Actual outcome (updated on 7 Jan 2021)

By 30 Dec 2020, two points were agreed between the farmers and the government. No fresh offer by the government but the protest intensified. 

Supreme court has intervened, and government also exercised the diplomacy by bringing the bill supporting farmers group to project the positive side.

 Government is still one-sided with the firmness on the continuity of these laws.


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Astrological Analysis (KP Horary chart analysis)


1st sub-lord; represents government







The government seems to be at the backfoot but actually, the government is taking a strong stance, though it seems that government is at the soft grounds.

7th sub-lord; represents farmers (Significance is wrt 7-house)







They seem to be strong but 8h in sub brings it down and not progressive house except for 6h in sub.

Star is showing 2-6-10 which shows power but the planet has 5-8-12, 6-8 in sub brings it down.

The government wants to resolve. Will it work?

Examining the 11th sub-lord; represents the desire for a favorable outcome by the








The 11s/l is promising the things getting resolved as per government terms.

Ve is the 10th sub-lord also. 10-house show the legal and policy status which shows a strong stance of the government.

The involvement of Ve and Ju shows the economic affair and, Ju & Ve both are benefic planets thus, it shows that the resolution will come peacefully. The government will be able to convey the stance strongly.

Examining 3rd sub-lord and 9 sub-lord; prospects for the dialogue







The government is taking the stance of stopping the communication/meeting and that too by the farmers.

As 10-house is dominant and connection of Su and Me are there, with Sa, thus constitutional, legal, and diplomatic remedies will be applied but a negotiation seems to be out of the question now.

The government may change the game plan and stopping the negotiation and further modification in the law.

Mahadasa is of Mo







Mahadasa is on the dual sign. With 8h showing constraints but in sub-lord, 2-6-11 is showing the success at last with a bit of loss as shown by 12h.

Antardasa is of Ju







Ju is in the sub of Sa which connects 3-9. Sa pratyantar connects 3-9

Antardasa is showing a bit of a block in the communication and the 12th house showing the loss which is already there as the government has already given offers to consider all the demands for the amendment in law but 10-6 are dominant thus the government the stance seems to be strengthened further.

Pratyantar dasa (59 days)







When resolution will come?

Houses to be considered are -


The ruling planets are:

Asc. for RP 83 Deg 3 Min

Lagna: Mer, Jup, Sat

MOON: Mer Moo Jup

Day: Me

Additional RP - Ke being the representative of Me as on same sign.

Taking the significators of the mentioned houses and the ruling planets, it is seen that Su will enter in Ke star on 16 Dec 2020 thus it will trigger the resumption of the process towards some resolution.

It will be in Ke star till 30 Dec 2020. Ke is the ruling planet.

The running dasa of Mo and Ju both are in ruling planets. Sa is also in ruling planets in running pratyantar dasa though showing some problems.

Based on the above parameters:

Resolution may come between 15 Dec 2020 to 30 Dec 2020 where Government may use a mix of democratic, legal, and diplomatic remedies.

Good wishes.


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    1. Dear Hardeep ji,

      Thank you for reading the article and responding.

      I request you to kindly read the article again. You will surely appreciate that the article pointed a partial solution to the problem by 30 Dec 2020, and, two points were agreed between the farmers and the government.

      There is no mention that entire problem will be solved by the mentioned date.

      The same was updated in the article already.

  2. If your prediction as so accurate, say who is going win and when. If if and buts.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for the response.

    This article mentions my findings I did it in academic interest about this issue.

    I did it by question astrology. Question astrology is taken up when the urge is high about an issue.

    It was done when I had an strong urge to get the the answer out of my academic interest. It revealed some aspects which I wrote here even without knowing that will it go right or wrong.

    I will surely do it and post here if I get the same urge to probe further, as again, question astrology will work only when urge is strong.

    Please keep reading my other articles on this site and express your feelings.

    Good wishes.


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