About us

" Jyotish-Healer " is a step to bring the true facts about the astrology and healing.

 I am studying astrology since 1998 and it is my endeavor to let people know my understanding about this divine knowledge. I study astrology and also provide consultations. It is my effort to guide people who come to me. I give less emphasis on predictions, and focus on preparing mentally the consulting person for the time to come, and how to optimize the resources available to him in coming times. It is my policy not to give false hopes to the person consulting me. The people who want to learn astrology, I help them to learn it.

 Serenity Surrender is the school of healing channeled by Smt. Shivi Dua. This school of healing is evolving with time. Serenity surrender helps us to know the root cause of our issues and heal them to have peaceful life. I am in this school since 2013 and give professional healing. I also teach this healing school through the workshops. Serenity Surrender is an effective healing method.

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