About us


"Jyotish-Healer" embodies a commitment to revealing the genuine facets of astrology and healing. With over two decades of astrological study since 1998, my aim is to share my profound understanding of this divine knowledge. Offering consultations, my focus leans towards preparing individuals mentally for upcoming times and optimizing their available resources, emphasizing practical guidance over mere predictions. I refrain from providing false hope, encouraging a genuine and realistic approach.

Introducing a novel approach, I incorporate wristwatch analysis and therapy—an innovative method to analyze personality and current situations. This method, accompanied by astrological advice, serves as a potent remedial measure. It not only provides relief in challenging situations but also reinforces efforts towards a better future, attracting numerous opportunities. This unique blend of astrology and wristwatch analysis is a strong tool for holistic guidance.

In addition to astrology, I am a practitioner and teacher of Serenity Surrender, a dynamic healing school channeled by Smt. Shivi Dua since 2013. This evolving school helps identify the root causes of issues, promoting a peaceful life. Offering professional healing services and workshops, Serenity Surrender proves to be an effective and transformative method.

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