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Indo - China : Is there a war?

(To read this article in Hindi please click here) Defense forces of India and China are face to face in Ladakh. The question in everyone's mind is, will there be war? Many predictions were made on solar eclipse that the condition of war is very strong. I wished to know this question also in my mind. On 24th June, 2020, through the question astrology, the horoscope of this question was seen and the answer came as follows: The Indian position is quite strong, especially in the international arena. India is on the offensive but will not make any offensive action. Anyway, India has a national policy of not attacking first in war. The planets show the restrain on aggression in Indian attitude. With this, China will also look aggressive but it will not be able to take any step towards India. China will try to tarnish the image of India but it will not succeed. In the question chart, Ve mahadasa, Ra antardasa, Sa pratyantar is running. Sa is retrograde and will remain so till September 24

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