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  Covid BF.7 : Is India under threat? ---------- Disclaimer: This article is an effort to look into the impact of the current Covid BF.7 on India, by applying the principles of Astrology (KP astrology). This article does not make a claim about the findings mentioned in it, and appeals for taking all the necessary precautions in the light of the rising threats of Covid BF.7.   --------- Dear Friends, New year 2023 is  a few days away. We are getting ready to welcome but, the news of the new variant BF.7 is dampening  the joy. A fear has rippled through our hearts.  I made an attempt in the past to look into the covid trend and it’s impact on India. You can read this article here ( click to read ). Some of my friends asked me to further look into the upcoming months and find astrologically the impact on  Indians. This was in my mind for  few days too.   The analysis is based on the question chart made for this query. The question chart is based on the KP horary astrology. I am writing th

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