Maha Laxmi forms

 8 forms of Maha Laxmi - Do you know?


Dear Friends,

Greetings on the auspicious occasion of festival of lights - Deepawali. May this festival brings abundance with lots of peace for you and your families.

Since long I thought to write this article on Maha-Laxmi, the Goddess of abundance worshiped on this festival along with Maha Ganpati.

So, here it is.

Shiri Maha Laxmi is the collective consciousness of 8 experiences we choose in our journey as a soul.. 

These 8 experiences evolve us spiritually at every stage and every day. These are - 


Shiri Aadi Laxmi is our experience with self. 


Our experience with the creation, the source created us who is pure unconditional love.


In physical realm we have incarnated as a body through which we have chosen to experience ourselves through various aspects.


Everything turns inwards finally as everything starts with us and completes in us.





Shiri Dhan Laxmi is our abundance in the form of wealth and richness through our material possessions.


Physical realm is enriched with unlimited exotic creations. Money is the medium which enables us to get the experience of all that is created for the comfort the five senses.


Everything we get in form of physical experience with surroundings is our worthiness for the same, and it’s doesn’t matter who has spent money for it – you or someone else for you.





Shiri Dhanya Laxmi is our sustenance in physical realm.


SHE is connected to the agriculture which is the process of producing food. The yield in the fields and it’s provision for us.


The abundance in the barn and, in modern sense – kitchen, is the symbol of abundance of food and support to life.




Shiri Gaj Laxmi is our experience of auspiciousness all around.


As human we are here to experience the ‘Shubh’ (auspiciousness). Our birth is celebrated as auspicious event in our family. 


The various events and happenings bringing joy and peace to us are the experience of ‘Shubh’ (auspicious).





Shiri Dhairya Laxmi, also known as Veer Laxmi, is our experience with ourselves when we encounter challenges and courage we demonstrate in such situations.


Dhairya means patience, which is a characteristic of great courage. Patience is the emotion required to tackle the challenges at the first place.


Veera means valor, which is the courageous action one takes to head-on with the challenge.





Shiri Vijya Laxmi is our experience with the success we get after actions we take.


We are born to win. Winning is not beating the competition.


 It is witnessing self progress in a given piece of situation. It is beating our own benchmarks and evolving as a  human being by our contribution to this world.





Shiri Santan Laxmi is our experience as the parents.


There are two aspects of parenting. 


First – Be a parent, that is, blessed with a child(ren) – ‘Santan ka sukh’.


Second – Be a blessed parent, that is, get bliss from the children – ‘Santan se sukh’.


It is said that Shiri Santan Laxmi protects us as her children.


This gives our experience of being the protector and nurturer of our children, as a parent.




Shiri Vidya Laxmi is our experience with our knowledge.


Shiri Saraswati rules the knowledge. Shiri Vidya Laxmi is our experience with that knowledge in the physical realm.


A knowledge can make or break a human being. It can be a boon or a bane depending on the usage and, thus the experience of it.


Shiri Maha Laxmi brings a wholesome experience in different areas of our lives and supports us to evolve in the physical realm.

With good wishes,



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