Covid BF.7 : Is India under threat?



This article is an effort to look into the impact of the current Covid BF.7 on India, by applying the principles of Astrology (KP astrology). This article does not make a claim about the findings mentioned in it, and appeals for taking all the necessary precautions in the light of the rising threats of Covid BF.7.



Dear Friends,

New year 2023 is  a few days away. We are getting ready to welcome but, the news of the new variant BF.7 is dampening  the joy. A fear has rippled through our hearts. 

I made an attempt in the past to look into the covid trend and it’s impact on India. You can read this article here (click to read).

Some of my friends asked me to further look into the upcoming months and find astrologically the impact on  Indians. This was in my mind for  few days too.

 The analysis is based on the question chart made for this query. The question chart is based on the KP horary astrology. I am writing the findings and after that giving explanation for those, who are interested to read about the analysis.  

 1. Indian masses are more fearful about the financial impact than health impact. 

2. Government actions will help to arrest the deep impact of this variant on Indians. Restrictions will be imposed. The citizens will have mixed compliance to these advisories. 

3. This variant will not be that dreaded as it’s predecessors. The morbidity (infection rate and progress) of the disease will be worrisome but mortality rate (death rate) will be lower as compared to past. The cure rate will be better though hospitals will see rise in reported cases in coming months. The rate of infection will be higher.

The major symptoms will be fever, and respiratory system obstructions, with painful conditions. The symptoms will afflict the patient for longer period after cure.

4. Indians have better immunity this time to face this wave. There will be the cases, and rise in cases would be observed. This variant will impact the infected ones with the prolonged negative health impact. Senior citizens, vulnerable class and working class of the society will be more in the impact zone. The rate of infection will be increasing.

5. The fear factor will be higher in the minds of the citizens. This will surely impact the economic activities in general. People will be apprehensive thus would have defensive approach. 

6. The economic growth seems to slow down and, may fall short of the expectations. 

7. This fearful situation seems fluctuating many times in the year 2023. We could feel 100% risk free like we experienced in 2022. During the year, there will be yo-yoing happening many times thus would not let feel ourselves at ease and peace.

Question Chart credits -

The astrological analysis - 

A. The first sub-lord

The first sub-lord shows the strength of the chart. It points health and longevity aspects of the chart.


Here, Sa is the first sub-lord and has weak frequency of maraka and badhaka houses 7 and 9 respectively. 

The promising factor is the presence of Ju as the sub-lord of Sa who shows 5-11 pointing out cure.

Conclusion -1

Sa shows the old age person and, the people who come from the lower class of the society in general. 
Presence of 6-12 houses point infection and hospitalization.

This disease has morbidity (infection) but mortality (death rate) is limited. This time too, it will be impacting the senior citizens, vulnerable class and working class.

B. The Moon

Moon shows the thought process. Here, the subject is Indian public. 


The important point to note in Mo is, 6h is absent. 6h shows the disease. Mo is signifying 10-2-11-5-8-12. This shows, that, the Indians are thinking of the financial impact, and potential loss due to this variant. The Mo is on the watery sign which shows sensitivity while the connection with Me who is disposed on the dual sign of Sagittarius shows high duality, which translates into confusion and apprehension due to his connection with malefic houses. 

Conclusion 2 - 

Indians are worried about economic impact more than health impact. 

C. Sixth sub-lord

The 6 sub-lord signifies the danger to health. Here, the 6th sub-lord is Mars. Ma is retrograde which limits his impact.


At the first level, Ma is showing the houses of disease and hospital. He also shows the 4 and 10 houses who signify the chronic and slow recovery. 

The good news; there is a presence of 1-5-11. This shows cure.

Ma is retrograde thus the progression will be slow. Ma is on Taurus sign who is the natural significator of mouth, neck and throat. 

Mo is the natural significator of immune system who is sitting in 3 house, signify the respiratory tract. Sa is a cold planet.

Conclusion 3 -

Thus, BF.7 will bring respiratory symptoms which will have slow onset with prolonged after effects. 

D. The 10th sub-lord

10th sub-lord signify the actions. In mundane chart, 10th house shows the government and people in power.  The sub-lord of 10h is Venus. 


Conclusion 4- 
5th house dominance is not taken good for action of 10th house. Here, the sub-lord of Ve is Ju. The Ve and Ju combination shows, that, situation will be clam but, there is a slackness in the execution by the official machinery which can contribute to the morbidity of this disease.

E. Mahadasa and Antardasa

The mahadasa and antardasa are the bosses of the chart. Their role determines the timing and trends of the events.
The mahadasa and antardasa lord is Mercury. Me is dual planet placed in a dual sign. 


The Me has mixed houses; diseases, cure, and chronic nature of the disease. Me is dual natured planet placed on a dual nature sign. 

Conclusion 5 -
This shows, fluctuations & confusions in thoughts, and swings in the intensity of the disease till June 2024.

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Please keep yourself safe by taking utmost precautions. 

Best wishes for the new year 2023,


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