Astrology : Covid-19 trend for India in 2021


When will India be relieved from Covid-19? 

(an Astrological study)


 इस लेख को हिंदी मे पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक कीजिये 



Covid-19 new stains has reached India. The recent Covid-19 data raises an alarm for the Indians. Cases of Coronavirus infection are rising in various states of India. 


It is a general curiosity of Indians to know that when will Covid 19 end in India? As per Hindu Astrology when will Covid 19 end?


This led me to take this study in general interest. The KP astrology question chart has revealed the creator’s wish in this issue.



The astrology reading:

  1. Time till April 2022 will show a ray of hope. Vaccine is here. Vaccination is in progress. But time till then will show a spike in the cases time to time sending currents of fear across the country. Situation may seem to be deteriorating 


West and South-West India will be  more impacted.

The Government will do all the efforts to make the vaccination program successful and it will show some results but not upto the mark.

  1. Time after April 2022 till Nov 2024 will keep showing mixed results. Newer cases will keep reporting. Morbidity will increase. Fear will prevail. The struggle to eradicate will be on. 

Government will do all the efforts and it’s no wonder that it may take some administrative decisions for the implementation of the vaccination regime to make it successful. 

  1. After Nov 2024, Indians will be relieved in a big way from the Covid infection and rising morbidity. Though, this virus will remain and keep infecting us but it’s virulity will be much lesser.


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For the lovers of Astrology, please find below a brief analysis of the question chart in academic interest.


Date: 25 Feb 2021 - Thursday

Time: 8.31 AM

Place: Noida


KP random number : 200 (generated by random number generator app)


Ayanmsa: KP New



*For the analysis, lagna of the chart represents Indians (India as a country).


Question chart analysis about Covid-19 end in India. click to enlarge the image

Mo indicates the nature of the query.

Mo is in 6-cusp (6h). 

Mo is in the sub of Rahu. Rahu is the star lord of 6h and sub lord of 12h.

Mo is the star lord of 1h and sub lord of 8h


Thus, for the Mo, 1-6-8-12 house are connected which are showing  disease, morbidity,hospitalization and isolation.


Examine the 1sub lord for the strength of the chart








Me is in close conjunction with Ju - 1-12-2-10-4-5-11 and Sa - 12-1-2


Me on first level showing 11h which shows strength with the support of 3h at star level.


Ju close conjunction with the mix houses of cure and chronic problem (slow recovery or stagnated situation) slows brings a mix touch to Me.


Sa is an afflicting planet being the 12h signification and natural malefic creating slowness and morbidity.


Based on above factors, Me has a fair strength with its share of challenges.

This concludes that India as a country (people) will give a tough fight to Covid-19.


Examine 6 sub-lord for the disease 









Ma is associated with Su. Both the planets have a fire element, representing inflammation, fever. Su is the natural signification of the immune system. Ju represents bile and liver.


Su is on the airy sign showing the connection of air. Su is weak as it is showing complication and chronic nature here.


Ju is involved which shows liver and bile. Thus, it shows the impact on the liver. But It also shows a cure. Chronic houses 10-4 show slowness.


It concludes that the Covid-19 situation in India may first deteriorate but finally it will get a curable stage .


*Mahadasa analysis


Running mahadasa is of Sa till Nov 2024







Sa is in close conjunction with Me.


Mahadasa of Sa is showing the tough time with the disease with slow prognosis


*Antardasa analysis

Antardasa lord Rahu till April 2022









Ra antardasa is showing complications, slow response and constraints in achieving desired results but a cure factor is visible in it at sub level - Ve thus a ray of hope.

Antardasa lord Ju from April 2022 to Nov 2024







Ju also repeats the same story as of Ra.

Ju is the planet of judicial pursuits. Mo is the planet which signifies government. 

Ju is on 10-sign, the natural significator of the seat of king (head/administration)

Ju is in sub of Ve signifying 9h. 9h signifies law/judicial pursuits.


It indicates the government may take some administrative steps to ensure the success of the regime. 


It may be in some kind of rule mandating the vaccination etc for the public, as the success of the vaccination only depends on the second dose which may be missed by many and thus it is reflecting a slow prognosis in India.

Next mahadasa is of Me after Nov 2024








In Me, conjunction of Ju and Sa is there which has been discussed in the beginning of this analysis.


It is inferred that Me is fairly strong.


It indicates that in Me mahadasa Indians will get relief from Coronavirus in a big way though it will not go permanently. Coronavirus will remain there but with lower power thus less hazardous after Nov 2024.


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