Stellar Astrology

On hearing the name of astrology, the idea of ​​a birth chart comes to mind. To make a horoscope, it is necessary to have the correct information of date of birth, time of birth, place of birth. Sometimes this information is incomplete or incorrect. In that case it is difficult to make a horoscope. However, in astrology, this type of problem can be solved by 'Nasht Jatakam' method. Time of birth, date of birth, rectification is also done.


There is a genre in astrology which is called 'Prashna Shastra (Question Astrology). In this mode, the questioner only asks the question and an accurate answer is given by making a horoscope related to that question with the help of which the questioner can make his plan. No information related to birth is required. The question can be asked about himself or any of the relatives or friends. The questioner's mental involvement with the problem is necessary; otherwise the answer to the question would not be correct. Therefore, questions should be asked only if you are ideologically fully connected to your question.

There are many genres in question scripture too. I use the Krishnamurti Paddhatti (KP astrlogy). After doing question in it, a number has to be spoken from 1 to 249 in mind. Then the answer to the question is found by making a question chart.

One important thing should always be remembered. Never, while contacting astrology, think that the answer will always be what you want to hear. Astrology has been called the voice of God and, you can take guidance from this knowledge only when God desires.
A true astrologer only tells what is visible. He does not work to please you.

In Jyotish Healer, I try to guide you so that you put your energy, time and money in the right direction.

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