Misconceptions about Astrology

 4 Misconceptions about Astrology



Misconceptions about Astrology is a common challenge for the astrologers.

Astrology is always a subject of curiosity for a common man while students of Astrology always find it fathomless.

After the advancement in the science and it’s impact on the society, a group of people tries to validate it on the principles of modern science and do not find it validating the same, while another group of people categorize Astrology as the science and have their arguments to prove their point.

In this article I am giving 4 misconceptions and self experience on the subject of Astrology. These are not arguments.

The readers may agree or disagree with it. All the views are welcomed. Please do express it in the comment box.

1. Is Astrology a science?

Let us check the definition of science.

Science is  a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.


As per the above definition, Astrology qualifies as the science because it is also based on observations made over thousands of years. The notable point is; the researchers are continuously exploring and making the connections of dictum given in scriptures and ethology  with the new age developments to make Astrology relevant for modern age. So, it is evolving like other branches of science.

My experience:

I do not put Astrology in the category of science. I have a firm belief that Astrology is to be put in that class of subjects which can not be understood through the principles governing the 3-dimensional universe though through this divine knowledge we decipher the 3-D universe and it’s various movements in which exist as life forms.

Astrology is the knowledge which helps to understand our formless being. This is invisible but exists. And all that is happening in formless will manifest as form in times to come.

Same applies to the present moment. It is the manifestation of formless in form.

Astrology studies this formless and gives detailed clue for the form to manifest in coming time, called as future.

Though future does not exist as the present moment is all that is but one can take it like; if a ball is thrown in this moment, then based on it’s various parameters like weight, projectile angle, force etc, it can be predicted that where the ball can drop with respect to the point from where it is thrown.

Same applies to the Astrological study of our life, formless to form.

Few major points to ponder :

Ever noticed the qualifications of the famous astrologers. Most of them are highly qualified. Scientist, doctor, engineer, professor, government employee and people from different professions have studied and practice astrology. Think about it, that why do qualified people choose Astrology?

Government of India, Ministry of Human resource, and University Grant Commission recognize Astrology and thus many renowned universities and associated degree colleges offer undergraduate and post graduate courses in Astrology.

Think about it that why have Indian government and it’s associated institutions recognize astrology?  

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2. Can Astrology predict the whole future ?


Based on the accuracy of the horoscope and the proficiency of the astrologer, it can be predicted with accuracy or can stay very close to it.

My experience:

As mentioned above, Astrology is the divine knowledge and has it’s sole goal to guide a believer about the karmic path chosen by him/her as a soul in this incarnation. This interpretation is called prediction for the future.

In this materialistic race of the survival, this essence of Astrology is almost lost. And credit goes to some so called astrologers who have distorted this soul of this divine science and have projected it as futurology.

The true astrologers who know Astrology are few both in India and abroad.

In my practice I have found following things relevant related to astro guidance:

a. It depends on the mental state of  the person who seeks the astro guidance, the readiness of the soul to know all that the horoscope is revealing.

An astrologer is only able to speak that much which the person is ready to absorb on that day.

It also depends on the further his/her readiness that how much will be implemented.

b. No astrologer has the crystal ball to gaze and pain the picture of one’s future.

Horoscope gives the indication of the upcoming time.


It is advised  that horoscope must be checked every year or at least once in two years as the transit of planets have short impact irrespective of current planetary period.

c. The predictions are impacted by the knowledge of the astrologer and the running period of the person.

Sometimes, adverse period of planets do not let the right diagnosis.

d. Sometimes an astrologer gets strange insights in the horoscope which his usually does not get.

Recently, while analyzing the horoscope of a person I noticed that he is indicated for the trouble by animals and insects.

The configuration was clear but when I confirmed from the person, he confirmed about being bitten by the dog and the cat but insects could not confirm.

I just thought and asked, does he get mosquito bite and it takes days to heal as mosquito bites usually heals in few minutes or an hour. He confirmed it.

I was amazed that how could I reach to such a detail. But it is not usual for me to spot such details.

One must know that every horoscope has hidden side which can be interpreted by the astrologers of high spiritual quotient.

 Astrology is based on twelve zodiac signs , nine planets and twenty seven nakshtras (constellations) but every astrologer gets different insights.

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3. Can doing astral remedies and wearing stones change my destiny?


Astrology sole aim is to guide about the karmic path of life, not to change it and, it can’t do that.

My experience:

Astrology is all there to guide a person about his karmic journey and the results he/she to bear.

Everyone is the result of the karmic pattern in this life, then why to run away from it.

Astral remedies are like umbrella. It can protect your from sun and rain but can not stop them.

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4. Will by matching the horoscope the marriage alliance be fruitful ?


Astrology deals with the horoscope matching for marriage. It is a detailed study.

My experience:

Horoscope matching is a good step before marriage. But only matching the guna of both prospective life partners will not solve the problem.

In India, most of the marriages are arranged through match matching but still marriages meet the disastrous end, or lack of marital bliss, but not all.

In marriage match making process, it is vital to note down the yoga for marriage in the horoscope of the girl and boy.

Then the yoga for happy marriage, individual health and longevity status, and then yoga for the progeny.

It is also imperative to see that adverse planetary period in future and they must not overlap each other.

The prospective life partners must be advised on the strength and weakness of their marriage alliance. 


They must be advised on behavioural part and appraised about the personality and mental compatibility.

Marriages are made in heaven, only in Hindus the marriage match making is done though in other faiths , marriages are successful.

So, Astrology can help any couple on the above mentioned aspects to balance their married life.


Hope, you liked the article.

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