How do astrological remedies help?

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Friends, if you consult an astrologer, then he tells you many remedies, in which gems, worship, donations, fasting etc. can be done. Some people are apprehensive that, if it is certain that what is to happen is going to happen,then  how will the remedies help or, sometimes there is confusion that taking measures will fix everything and will get the rid of the adversity.

In this article, I am writing some truth based on my experience. This article is not intended to challenge or prove any astrological scholar's experience in this subject. The objective of this article is to make the common person aware of the topic of astrological remedies.

In this article, I am writing answers to the questions asked by my clients.

1 Will astrological remedy change life?

Only after analyzing the horoscope, it can be told about the your life’s trends. Only after studying the planetary positions, mahadasha, antar-dasa, transit etc., it will be ascertained that which astrological measures will be best to take.
Only after deliberation can it be told how much benefit is possible from astrological remedy.

2 If everything is certain then what is the benefit of astrological remedy?

If it is raining or there is strong sunlight, what is the benefit of an umbrella? There is a benefit because an umbrella works to lower down the influence of rain or sunlight.
Similarly, astrological remedies also reduce the effect of the adverse phase  if it is done continuously by following the suggested method,with dedication and devotion. Astrological remedies do not do magic, but do show their auspicious effects in due course.

 Most people take astrological counseling after getting into the problem and hope to get rid of the problem.
First of all, understand that the adverse time will be there if it is indicated in your horoscope and, no worship, rituals, gems can work to reduce the duration of that time because it has a karmic base. If astrology consultation is taken regularly then these remedies work like a shield. In the same way, open the umbrella before it rains and not after getting soaked in water. In both the situations the umbrella will do its job but effect on you will be different.

Astrological effects enhance the experience of auspicious times. Auspicious time is also fixed and this too will come. Astrological remedies definitely enhance auspicious experience.


3 What opinion would you like to give regarding the astrological remedy?

In my opinion astrological remedy should be done continuously, that is, according to the advice, by doing this remedy daily, the auspicious inauspicious effects are optimized to a great extent.

4 An astrologer has told me the rituals, but they are very expensive. Should i do?

It depends on your faith. Any astrologer gives astrology solution only on the basis of his experience. You also have to decide on the expenses of rituals etc. But be assured that whoever is performing that ritual or worship should be an expert.

5 What types of astrological remedies do you suggest?

The first rule of astrological remedy is that, it is necessary to make the person aware of the situation. While giving accurate knowledge of the situation, it is also necessary that the person be told about the possibilities, that he should neither be intimidated nor made euphoric.

I tell simple methods in which some special food items are given to the birds and animals, there can be daily worship of the ishtadeva, chalisa, strota, etc. which any person can comfortably incorporate into the daily routine. I see the comfort level of the person in doing the suggested remedies

I insist on doing astrological remedy daily. The conditions are optimized this way and have a positive impact on the mind too.

6 Will wearing gems benefit? Are they better?

Gems are also effective remedies, but I recommend wearing gems only to provide strength to the auspicious planet(s). Wearing a gemstone in auspicious time increases its effectiveness, but also ensure that the quality of the gemstone is good and in your budget.

7 If I do the remedies for the family, will it benefit them?

If you take medicine instead of sick, will the sick person benefit? The answer is NO. The same thing applies to astrological remedies as well.

In case of very young children, highly ill persons who are admitted in the hospital, family member who have gone out of the city for some time, you should do remedies in their name.

8 What are the benefits of healing?

Serenity surrender healing modal helps us to understand our karmic makeup and the reasons for the various issues of the life. In this healing modal the belief system which actually manifests our physical reality is healed and thus our thought process, attitude are transformed and thus our life issues too head towards the solutions in the highest best of all.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that it is good to have self confidence but astrological counseling gives you the right guidance which compliments your self confidence.

It can also be told from the horoscope that the person who is being told the remedy will do it or not. And how much benefit will come from doing those remedies.

The blessing of the elders, guru, family wishes and, doing your deeds with proper intention are the great solutions and, if you do any spiritual practice then do that to make it more stronger. Spiritual practice adapts to all kinds of circumstances and keeps the thoughts positive and it affects the results in life. Astrological remedies  facilitates a positive mindset.

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