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 We the souls in the human experience. We are not the body having soul. Soul is on an unending  journey since the time immemorial. There is only one purpose and that is , to recognize itself as unconditional love which is the ultimate truth of all. 

Human has been given a power. That power is Intelligence through which he lives the life as per the norms of the time and place. Intelligence is independent and it could be conditioned as per the wish of the human being.

The second power is Mind. Mind is one entity which experiences all the fruits of karma done by applying intelligence through the five senses. This experience becomes the experience of soul. It becomes a belief.

This implies that all the experience made by us are mental and that forms the beliefs in our mind that are carried life after life. This is the impact of this phenomenon that certain subjects or piece of knowledge is understood easily even though a formal education or training is not given to the child.

Few mor examples are also there. Like, sometimes we feel that we have visited a place before though it is our first visit to there. Sometimes we feel a strong connection with a person or aversion for no reason. Fear about something or a situation like, fire, water, closed spaces, crowded places, specific animal etc.  Sometimes we learn certain skill very fast.
All these are the results of experiences of  the past lives lived by us as a soul.

Today’s challenges have the roots deep in our mind. As intelligence can not access to these layers that is why people are amazed by the certain patterns of their life and feel clueless about the causes of the same.
As a soul we decide what to experience in an incarnation and accordingly the situations are presented to us so that we can learn the unlearned lessons.

For example, in an incarnation soul wants to learn the lesson to be self confident as it failed to experience the same in the previous births, then in the current life, various situations will be presented where he will feel challenged and in many instances he may back out from the situation but, ultimately he may feel confident and gradually learn the decided lesson.

Many a times relationships are strained. Every relationship is there to help to recognize ourselves as love through it. Good relationships are also the culmination of past lives. Same way; the  personality types, the situations presented in profession, health conditions, all have roots in the past lives.

If everything is the culmination of the past life and what can be done now?

 Lot can be done.

Serenity Surrender Healing

Serenity Surrender is an effective healing modal through which we can know the deep spiritual causes of various life patterns in various aspects of our life. It not only helps to know the reasons of the issues but does heal the emotions and beliefs associated with the issue.

This healing modal is safe and effective for the people of all age groups and gender.

In the session, the person who wants the healing therapy tells the concern to the healer. The healer connects with the person energetically and probes his mind for the reasons of the issues. The beliefs and emotions associated with the issue are healed and explained to the person.
During the session, the person who is healed does not feel anything. The effects of healing are felt in few days or weeks. For few issues, more than one session may be required.

Serenity Surrender is channeled to Mrs. Shivi Dua and came to public in 2010. (

Please be informed that Serenity Surrender is not hypnotism, past life regression and predictive method like astrology.

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