Wrist watch for your success

 Wrist watch for amazing & super success

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Your wrist watch can bring super results for your success in life if, it is selected diligently.
The wrist watch analysis and therapy is a novel approach to solve life issues.
 In this article, I am giving answers to some of the questions which have been asked by the people.

1. What is wrist watch analysis and therapy ?


 A wrist watch has a direct correlation with the sub-conscious mind of the person.  Looking at your wrist watch, your entire personality can be decoded. 

A wrist watch points the approach of the person towards various life issues. It also talks about the quality and the quantity of the results one gets in life.

2. Can you tell me, how it works with a few examples?


 A wrist watch has many elements and, variety.

 A dial size can tell about the level of ambition of a person, while the size of digits can tell the quantum of the results, that person gets out of his efforts.

 Looking at the various formations on the dial, the nature of the person can be told. The color of the dial tells a lot about the approach of the person towards life issues.

 Like this, there are many elements which are analysed.

 3. Is there a difference between the results of analogue watch and digital watch?


There is some difference in the natures of the people who wear analogue or digital watch. The analysis is done accordingly.

 Example - A person who wears a digital watch has lots of preferences for technology. He or she will look for a way if it can be done through technology.

 On digital watches, one can select the faces of the watch. This impacts the results and nature of the person. Normally, people subconsciously choose the watch faces as per their nature.

 4. You said that it can be used as therapy. What is that?


Wrist watch therapy is applied after knowing the specific objectives, challenges and about the nature of the person.

Watches are a strong remedy and thus, it is imperative to understand the person.

 Wrist watch remedies can be given for almost everything like -

 Growth in profession

Money issues

Health issues


Marital issues

Progenic issues

Property issues - sale and purchase

Government, legal issues


 And many such issues.

 Wrist watches are therapeutic in nature. One can not have the same watch for every issue. Watches are changed once the objective is changed.

 A wrong wrist watch can create issues in life, both physical and emotional.

 5. How much time does it take to get the results if I have a suggested watch?


 No one can give you the exact time duration for ’s results but, usually the watches show results within 180 days.

 Wearing a watch facilitates the energy level to step up and thus attracts the desired results. After adopting the watch, one must focus on the action part towards the desired objectives with strong intent.

 6. What type of watches give good results?

 There are elements in the watch which are seen as per the objective.

 A costly watch does not ensure good results.

 For the desired results, a watch must have two elements-

 1. It must have the desired elements for the objectives.

2. It must have good aesthetics .

7. I got the watch in gift. What should I do with it, if it is not good as per your analysis?


A watch will give the results as per it’s elements. If it is a gifted watch, and if it is possible, then return that watch, or,  if it is not possible, then give that watch to someone, and give a good watch as return gift to that person.

 A gifted watch, if not treated well, will spoil the relationship with that person.

 Same way, if you have gifted a watch and the other person does not wear it or that watch turns faulty or damaged, then the relationship with that person spoils.

 So, gift the watch with caution and, accept the watch as gift with caution.

 This information does not discourage gifting of watches, but, with caution.

 8. What should I do with the watches which are faulty or, not fit for me?


Faulty watches must be thrown away, if they are not fit to be continued, otherwise, get them repaired.

Keep all the watches on time, otherwise various issues start cropping up in life.

 If watch is in working condition and, not fit to continue as per analysis, then that watch can be given to someone by taking some money (no specific amount, but do not give free of cost).

Never give a faulty watch to someone.

 If the watch has scratches on the outer case, strap, glass, cracks of some kind, then it is damaged watch. Remove that watch. It is issue creator in your life.

 9. I do not wear a watch. So, what will you analyse?


If you do not wear a watch then obviously I will not analyze anything, but, it is advisable to wear a watch regularly. It improves your performance and productivity.

 10. How do you approach to analysis and suggest a remedial watch?

 I have two ways to approach -

 1. Astrological analysis of horoscope and suggesting a remedial watch to help in the specific issues of life.

2. A watch can directly be analyzed and, after knowing some important information, a remedial watch can be suggested.

 11. What else do you want to tell about this method?


 A little more information about this are -

I. Wall clocks are also important for the results. The wall clocks are strong and, impact the entire family and people who reside on a premise.

II. Table clocks can also be analysed but have limited impact.

III. Your laptop time format also impacts you.

IV. Young children are not recommended to wear watches. A teenager can start wearing the watch.

V. Remove your wrist watch during bed time.

VI. Wear your wrist watch daily for a few hours at least to blend with it’s energy.

VII. If you have a watch which you wear occasionally, then it will also give you limited results, but, wrist watch does not detach from that person fully and keeps impacting in some way or other. The wrist watch only impacts the person to whom it belongs.

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