Indo - China : Is there a war?

Defense forces of India and China are face to face in Ladakh. The question in everyone's mind is, will there be war?

Many predictions were made on solar eclipse that the condition of war is very strong. I wished to know this question also in my mind.

On 24th June, 2020, through the question astrology, the horoscope of this question was seen and the answer came as follows:

The Indian position is quite strong, especially in the international arena. India is on the offensive but will not make any offensive action. Anyway, India has a national policy of not attacking first in war. The planets show the restrain on aggression in Indian attitude.
With this, China will also look aggressive but it will not be able to take any step towards India. China will try to tarnish the image of India but it will not succeed.

In the question chart, Ve mahadasa, Ra antardasa, Sa pratyantar is running. Sa is retrograde and will remain so till September 24, 2020.
Circumstances will remain same, but there will no full scale war. The situation is likely to return to normalcy after September.

No chance of  full scale war between Indian and China.
The actual outcome:
Prediction came true. 


For those who know KP Astrology, a brief analysis is given here;

Following is the description of the question;

KP Number = 13
Date = 26 June 2020
Time = 20 hrs 39 min 50 sec
Day = friday
Location = Greater Noida West, Uttar Pradesh (77 deg 25 min E, 28 deg 25 min N)
Software = Jyotish Deepika

As it was a question for the country, the lagna was considered a India.

1. The lagna sublord is Ma which is in the constellation and sub of Sa. Saturn is retrograde. The signs of Ma is Pisces which is water element dual natur sign thus makes sensitive and arrests the aggression of Ma.

Sa (r)
10 '' - 11-2-3-4'-9-8-12
Sa (r)
10 '' - 11-2-3-4'-9-8-12

8 - 12  show the strength of the opposition and losses to the first party ; India. But 11 - 1 -10 "- 2 make Ma a strong. So the position of India is strong but Sa (r) will not allow any aggressive (war related) action.

2. The seventh house represents the opposition. If 8 - 12 signify in the 7th sublord, then the opposition will be strong and may become the attacker. Here oppostion is China.
The 7th sublord is Ve. Ve is a beneficial planet but sits in its own sign Taurus. Taurus has earth element, so practical behavior is seen. This sign looks aggressive like bull and often does not take aggressive steps on its own.
Therefore, China will also show aggressive attitude and will intermittently scare and intimidate India.


Here too, there are 5 -11 who signify friendship (here in war-related subjects, they greatly reduce the chance of attack). Ve, Mo are sitting on aggressive signs; Taurus and Leo and Ma is sublord then China’s attitude will be aggressive but it is very difficult to make up the mind to attack India

Venus is also a Mahadasha lord, so the possibility of war is minimum.
The antardasa belongs to Rahu.

 2-3 '' '- 7-6' '- 11' '- 12-5-10-1-8

Antardasha also signifies 2 -6 - 10 - 11 - 5, so Antardasha is also in favor of India and weakens the opposition (China) and inspires friendly behavior.

Sa is retrograde, therefore, Sa will not allow any aggressive step.

Therefore, there is no chance of full scale war.

The sublords of the third house and the ninth house are Sa, which is retrograde. Sa will not allow the faith to be established between both the nations/governments and Sa is a sublord of the third house and the ninth house thus shows false news, so in this case both the sides will try to confuse each other with many misleading information and propaganda.

After September 2020, Ve in Mahadasha and atardasa of Mercury will commence which will ease the situation and give India a more powerful position.

with love,


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