Shubh Muhurat failure ; Causes

 Shubh Muhurat : What are the causes of failure?  

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Shubh muhurat selection is a widely observed practice for starting/doing the important works in sanatan dharma. But, despite of the best selection of shubh muhurat, the outcomes of many works are failures. 


There are many examples around like, fixing marriages, starting a new business or signing the deed, entering in a new house, doing the acquisition of new property or selling it but many failures despite the shubh muhurat.


In this article, we will discuss the causes of the failure of shubh muhurat.



What is Muhurat?


In Sanatan dharma, the unit of time measurement is called Muhurat.


The entire day is divided in muhurats. As per sages, some muhurats are auspicious and some are inauspicious.


Works started or done in Shubh muhurat bring good results and if done in inauspicious time then the outcome could be undesirable, as per sages. 




What are the traditions of Sanatan dharma?


The followers of Sanatan dharma follow the election of the shubh muhurat for doing or starting the important works of life.


In the astrological tables called panchang, the muhurats for different works are mentioned for the entire day.


Muhurats are decided for all the activities from birth till death. In ancient times, even the travels were started after electing shubh muhurat and directions. Though it is no more in practice in general.


Nowadays, shubh muhurat is elected for marriage, post-birth activities of the child, religious occasions like yogopaveet, starting a new business, house warming, deciding the time for the sale or purchase of property, etc.


There are a few muhurats which are always considered auspicious like, Brahma muhurat in the early morning, akshay tritya, dhanteras, navratri etc.


Few muhurats are always inauspicious like pitr paksha, krishna paksha for a few works, panchak yoga at the time of death, bhadra kal at the time of birth, rahu kalam, etc.


Why do shubh muhurats fail in some cases?


It is a logical question that when so many activities are done after electing shubh muhurats then why do we have failures? 


Unhappy marriages, loss-making business, conflicts among the partners, political instability and, the list is long.



My opinion and experience:


Prarabhdha dominates. Every birth is divine and thus the purpose of it. To a great extent, the same can be analyzed by the horoscope.


It is imperative to analyze the various yogas, running main and sub-periods of the planets, the transits related to the activity in question. 


The person must be told about the picture and the quality of output one can expect. After that, the shubh muhurat can be elected.


An astrologer must evaluate the prospects in upcoming planetary periods also. 


For example, if the marriage is in question then all the aspects like, physical and mental compatibility, health status, financial progress, etc must be well evaluated.


The same practice must be applied for other activities like business, movable and immovable assets sale, and purchase, etc.



Then what is the significance of shubh muhurat?


Shubh muhurat enhances the auspicious energies.


It is the same as serving tasty food in a good way which not only increases the appetite but also brings happiness to both the eater and the cook.


Same way, an activity done in shubh muhurat not only brings happiness for the person doing it but also brings goodness for the whole society.


But, if the food is not cooked well but presented well, then it can create an impression of taste only till it is tasted. And if the food is well cooked but not presented well may also create a low impression but its value will be identified once tasted.


The same is the case with shubh muhurat which enhances the auspiciousness of the activity. But, the prarabdh must be strong to enjoy the good results till a long time.



In my practice, I suggest the muhurat for starting the astrological remedies, especially when one is going to wear the gemstone, for which I have my way of electing shubh muhurat.


In practical sense, we can observe that many activities are running successfully which started without electing a shubh muhurats.


So, should we elect the shubh muhurat?


It is the sole decision of the person based on his belief system keeping the fact in mind that shubh muhurat enhances the auspiciousness but does not intervene in the results of prarabhdh.


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