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 Are you fearful of Manglik Dosha? What should you do?

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Manglik Dosh or Kuja Dosh is one of the most talked and feared astrological yoga in horoscope especially, when it comes to marriage match making. In this article we will discuss some aspects of Manglik dosh.

This article is focused on the facts important for a common person to know about Manglik dosh thus, it does not cover the technical aspects related to the topic.


In 2009-10, I used to go on professional tours to Ranchi, Jharkhand regularly. There I met a lady, who was the employee of the client. That lady was the coordinator from the side of the client.

In due course of time, we got little frank and talked a bit about the things other than profession. She came to know that I practice Astrology.

She opened up and mentioned the case of her elder sister who was not getting married despite of high qualification, beautiful looks and a good family status. The reason was; she was Manglik. Proposals were only rejected on this single ground.

She requested me to give a look into her sister's horoscope.

When I analyzed I found something which was not considered by the astrologers who had done the match making for the proposals made for her.

The few things which were neglected :

1. The position of Mangal (Mars) in the horoscope was indicating the Manglik dosh as per the definition but, there were other combinations which were canceling that Manglik dosh.

2. The running planetary period was not in favour of solemnizing marriage.

I further analyzed and found:

1. The girl was having marriage yoga in the horoscope so marriage was certain.

2. She was having the combinations for happy and long married life, so when and with whom she would tie the nuptial knot, the relationship will be happy.

3. Time period for the marriage was predicted.

4. Suggestions were made for strengthening of the beneficial planets and propitiation of the malefic planets which were not for the Manglik Dosh but for overall well being.

Additionally, I gave them in writing that her marriage with the non-Manglik boy will be auspicious in the light of cancellation of Manglik dosh in her horoscope. 


 In 2010, I got transfer to Delhi and connection with that lady couldn't be continued thus I never get feedback about the outcome of the above mentioned exercise.

The above mentioned incidence is the story of many Sanatan religion followers who go for marriage match making and, given a hard word about Manglik Dosh presence in their children's horoscope.

Is Manglik dosh really dangerous?

To understand this aspect we should know about this dosh.

Manglik dosh is also called Mangal dosh, Kuja dosh and Angarak Dosh.

A horoscope has twelve houses. The first house is called Lagna or Ascendant which is the center of the horoscope. It means, entire analysis is done keeping Lagna as the reference point which represents the person to whom that horoscope belongs.

With respect to the first house, if Mangal (Mars) is located in any of the 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses then Manglik Dosh is present in the horoscope.


Positions of Mangal (Mars) in horoscope creating Manglik Dosha

There is school which also checks the position in same houses with respect of the position of Chandra (Moon) and Shukra (Venus).

In some references, 5th house is also included in the list of location of Mangal (Mars).

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About Mangal's (Mars) characteristic:

Strong Mangal:

Mangal (Mars) is the planet having Agni tatva (Fire element). It gives a temperament of aggression, a push in the personality and courage.

If Mangal is strong then person has courage, and initiatives. S(he) has an ability to command and manage, and logical thinking.

A strong Mangal in the horoscope brings a charisma to the person and, they are assertive, thoughtful and tactful.

Weak Mangal:

Weak Mangal brings loose temperament, reckless behaviour, aggression leading to violence. Person either lacks courage or reckless risk taker. The person can be the passive or aggressive communicator with little thought over spoken words.

The beliefs about the Manglik dosh:

The placement of Mangal in various houses including the mentioned list, can impact the life of the person in various ways, but in society, Manglik dosh is majorly seen connected with marriage and life after.

 There are other concepts related to Manglik dosh which are as under:

a. A Manglik dosh person marries the non-Manglik person then, either of them dies early or inharmonious relationship or separation/divorce.

b. Partial Manglik
c. Double Manglik
d. Manglik dosh gets weak/nullified after 28th year of age

Astrological Remedies :

Various remedies are prescribed to mitigate the Manglik dosh.

The most popular one is to marry the two Manglik dosh persons as dosh of one nullifies the dosh of other.

Fasting on Tuesday, Kumbh vivah, Peepal Vivah etc are the other remedies which are applied to appease Mangal.

My views out of my experience:

I have an opinion that only considering the placement of the Mangal and declaring that it will bring inauspicious results is illogical.

As in my articles, I always stress on the belief that, Astrology is the method of decoding the divine code of Karma and mere one planet cannot control the whole journey in a particular incarnation.

I also get such cases where families are worried as their children are declared as Manglik .

My points:

1. Check the horoscopes individually. Check the longevity of both; the boy and the girl.

2. Check the role of Mangal (Mars) in individual horoscope. If Mangal is the ruler of beneficial houses then Mangal in no way going to damage the horoscope.

3. Even when considering Manglik dosh in a horoscope, then check the cancellation yoga for the dosh.

4. Check the quality of married life, time for marriage and other relationship aspects like physical and mental compatibility.

Prasna Jyotish (Question Astrology)

Based on the above points I additionally go to analyse the prospects with the help of Prasna Jyotish (Question astrology) to verify the findings.

Many research works have been done and it is found that many couples are living blissfully though their horoscopes are qualified under Manglik Dosh.

By definition, if applied, one will find that many horoscopes qualify under Manglik Dosh / Kuja Dosh.


In last I want to suggest all the readers that, please do not get fearful if someone tells you that there is Manglik Dosh in the horoscope.

Two people get in relationship who are divinely connected as the souls thus chosen to live the karma through the institution of marriage.

Get the horoscope analyzed by a competent astrologer. Understand various aspects. Do not get carried away what you have heard or read about this dosh.

Accept that, you have incarnated to live some part of your karmic account and grow through it. The role of astrology is to make this journey filled with awareness and thus, having a sail through it with less of turbulence.

Good wishes.


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  1. I liked this article, its logical and aptly said by Anurodh, there is no need to be scared of Manglik Dosh, there is always a positive side of every planetary position.

  2. Very well explained thoughts on Manglik Dosha. Got clarity on many points.


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