Are you sure about your birth time?

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Be Sure ! your birth time is correct.


This article talks about the importance of correct birth time of a child which is the prime requirement for casting a correct horoscope. This article clarifies various aspects and queries around this subject.




Birth time is the first thing noted for a newborn. Birth time is an important factor for casting a correct horoscope if family believes in Astrology.

Nowadays, hospitals are vigilant in noting down the time of birth. It has become easy to note down the correct time due to digital watches which are hardly incorrect.

Why is it important to have the correct birth time?

Reason 1

The true horoscope of a child reveals many aspects of the child’s life. Most of the time as a common man, we know that there is a horoscope.

In fact, with the main chart which is called rasi chart or lagna chart, there are other divisional charts like navamsa, dashamsa, saptamsa, dwadamsha etc are casted to have a deeper analysis of the horoscope.
The accuracy of these charts depends on the correctness of the birth time. The higher the divisional chart, better the accuracy of birth time is required.


Reason 2

Sometimes the birth time shows the transit of lagna within a few minutes.
Lagna is the first house of horoscope and, if there is a difference in it, then the whole of the horoscope gets changed and thus the predictions.
Thus, the accuracy of time of birth matters a lot for the correct horoscope.

Reason 3

In KP astrology (Krishnamurthy paddhatti) an extension of nakshtra nadi astrology the correct time of birth is utmost important to decide the sub-lords of the houses.

Reason 4

Twins have a few minutes of difference in their birth time.

This time gap sometimes does not create any substantial difference in the horoscope of both the children except for a few minutes or a degree. This difference in majority of the cases do not affect the position of lagna and the planets except a few days in mahadasa and antardasa ending which may create a difference in later part of the life.
A thing to be noted is that, twins, though born with a little difference in time and no difference in the horoscope, do have a lot of differences in their life patterns. Example; longevity, intelligence, health status, and many other things.
Thus, a correct noting of birth time gives an astrologer a clue to these puzzles of human life especially in the case of twins.

What is the correct time of birth?

There is a debate on it. There are various views like -

   - The first cry of the child is related with the first breath thus life begins.
   - The time when the head is visible for the first time.
    -The time when the entire body of the child is out of the womb of the mother.
    -The time when the umbilical cord is cut.

Nowadays surgical intervention is prevalent due to various complications in childbirth. Though normal births are happening.

Experts have voted the point number 1 as the real time of birth. If the child does not breath then it’s not a life. Hence, the first cry which creates the passage for the first breath of the child is the correct birth time.



When is there a doubt in birth time?

Following are the conditions when birth time is under doubt-
    -Twin births
   - Lagna (1st house) changing within few minutes
   - Doubt in birth time at first place, that is, one is himself or herself doubtful about exact time of birth
   - Time of birth is not known at all
   - Date or year of birth is doubtful

How do I know that my birth time is correct or not?

If any or more conditions are there in your case, you need the birth time rectification.
A competent astrologer can help you in this process.

How do you approach the birth time rectification?

I solve this puzzle by applying the KP astrology method of ruling planets. In my practice, I have found ruling planets are quite helpful in pointing to the accuracy of the birth time presented to me for casting the horoscope. Every horoscope which is presented to me, is checked for the accuracy of the time of birth before proceeding for the analysis.

In case, it is doubtful, then rectification of birth time is advised.

How much time do you take to rectify the birth time and what pieces of information are required for it?

It usually takes 20 days to rectify the birth time by the process I apply for.

I apply a repeated check method to verify each rectification by the ruling planets.

Final check is done with the help of the birth data of the near and dear ones like, children, spouse, parents, siblings.

Few important events in life also serve as the verification factors.

When can’t the birth time correction be done?

Birth time correction can be done for error in time, date, month,and year.

In case, the place of birth is not known, then birth time rectification cannot be done.

In such a case, the Question astrology can only be applied for answering the various concerns.

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