Astrology and higher education

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How to take help of Astrology in higher education guidance ?

Everyone wants to be successful and education plays an important role in this achievement.

In this competitive times when we have numerous options and means available, getting confused while choosing the best among all is natural.

Every student wants to get the higher education but the biggest challenge is now to rank higher in the merit list which could facilitate in getting better job or doing other work for living.

I have observed during my interaction with the people, when they solicit advise of astrology about their children, then the first question is often about the education and career. The health, which is the most important aspect of the child at that stage is seldom inquired about unless the astrologer categorically points about it. This proves that for we Indians, the education and career tops the list of our priorities.  

In this article, I will throw light on the role of astrology in knowing the level of education of a child.

Astrology not only decodes the level of education one may attain but also the level of intelligence one has, can also be known. Here, intelligence refers to the ability to grasp and understand. I am not covering astrological principles and various techniques deciphering deeper on this subject. How astrology can help to understand a general trend of the educational aspect of the child, is the objective of this article.

Let me remind you that in some cases the birth data like time, date etc are doubtful or not known. In such cases the analysis is done through the question astrology.


Analysis of the level of education:

The first thin analyzed through the birth chart or the question chart is the prospects of education for a child. Does child has the formal education or not? It is not necessary that if a child is born in a family of highly educated people then he or she will also reach to that level and vice versa. The birth chart is analyzed further to know the level of intelligence and concentration. Concentration has direct relation with the memory. In a birth chart, moon, mercury, jupiter are the planets which should be strong through placements and conjunction. It is imperative to have a strong first house lord and house so facilitate all the auspicious yoga manifesting in the life of the child. Third and fifth house indicate the mental inclination and intelligence of the child. Interest in various activities and subjects can be known through the thorough analysis of these factors.

In the educational prospects, role of the fourth house is most important. It indicates the formal education of the child along with other important aspects like domestic happiness, mother, assets, vehicles etc. It also indicates the subjects suitable for higher studies. The connection of fourth house with ninth and eleventh forms the good yoga for the higher education which may include research work etc.

After the above analysis, the role of the planetary periods play a vital role in manifesting the results of various combinations indicating education.

It is imperative for an astrologer to analyze the longevity, and other inauspicious combinations in the horoscope before he puts forward his readings.

Selection of subjects in higher classes:

Astrology gives excellent guidance in the selection of stream of subjects in higher classes by observing the mental inclination and aptitude, and connecting it with vocational prospects based on the various combinations and upcoming planetary period.

Challenges of students

Today students are in stress. This stress level is due to the fear for career thus pressure for scoring high in the exams. All this are leading to the suicidal tendencies and other mental disorders like childhood depression, anxiety and personality and behavioural disorders. Students are also under the influence of electronic media and sometimes group with the wrong people who could ruin their entire life.

Astrology can help in guiding both child and the parents in advance about these indications and how to be attentive towards these pitfalls.

New opportunities:

This is the dynamic age of technology. Everyday new things are coming, new avenues are opening in existing fields. Even many branches have started getting prospects of vocation with the advent of newer technologies.
An astrologer must keep himself abreast with the latest trends in various fields. It will make his guidance more relevant for the child and parents.
Even astrologers must have good understanding of the human psychology in general and must practice good communication skills.

Astrological remedies:

In my article, I have given details about various aspects of astrological remedies. If  your astrologer is suggesting astrological remedies, then help your child to perform them regularly in best possible manner. Astrological remedies mellow down the inauspicious impacts and enhance the auspicious aspects of planetary influence.

Concluding words:

A correct analysis of the horoscope can guide the parents about the potential of their child. Never try to teach a fish to climb a wall. Every child is unique. Help your child in making maximum out of the life by capitalizing on the various talents and areas of strength. This is the true role of the parents for the child. Do not put your child in the rat race of scores in marks sheet. 

Good wishes. 

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