Role of astrology in stock market

How can Astrology help in Stock Market?

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There are two types of thoughts on hearing the name of the share market. The first; It is very dangerous, money is lost and secondly it is a powerful and fast way of growing money.

If we look around, we get people with both types of thoughts. Even we must be agreeing with either of the thought. It is true that if you invest with information in the share market, then there can be profit. But many times it has come to notice that some people always make money in this market and some people lose it.

Sometimes at the encouragement of their acquaintance, some people invest in share market and burn fingers. Most of these people lose money in trading. There are some people who wait for the stock to grow, but when they go to sell, they do not get the profit they should have got.


On the internet and in newspapers many types of information are published about the kind of ups and downs may the stock market undergo in future and people also benefit from that information. But few people are able to take advantage of such information. It is also often seen that when a stock is getting at a good price and may earn profit in future, but then there is not enough money to buy and, when there is money, the stock market is bullish on the day of purchase. On the second day, the stock or the entire market starts to follow a downward trend.

Astrology has a lot of say in this field. In olden times, astrology was very much used for speculation of grains and bullion. It is still consulted today. Lottery, horse race etc. are also not untouched by this learning. Many people due to greed note the daily trend from astrologers, make some small/short term profits and in this way, they are enthusiastic to make big investments and make losses.

I am not critisizing any astrologer here, but I am warning for those ignorant astrologers who mislead in this way. A knowledgeable astrologer would never give such advice.

Then what should we do?

If you want to invest in a stock market or want to trade, then get your horoscope discussed with a knowledgeable and experienced astrologer. He should see whether you will benefit from the risky investments like share market or not. If it is, then Mahadasha, Antardasha, Transit etc. should be advised to guide an appropriate time.

In case of not having a birth chart, it can also be known from the question horoscope that investing in a share market will be good or not.

If the horoscope does not have the benefit of profit from share market or betting etc. then no one will be able to get benefit from worship, advice, gem, yantra, mantra etc. There may be a momentary gain, but the total will be a loss. I am saying this based on my experience. Rather these rules are suitable for every type of business.

Investing in the stock market for long term is beneficial, which is a proven thing, but if the horoscope indicates weak combination then there is no expected growth.  In the stock market there is a huge risk and astrology can help to avoid this risk.

Astrologically Yours


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